Long Beach Roofer recommendation?

5 Replies | Long Beach, California

Hello fellow Long Beach landlords!

I have a SFR in Long Beach with a great set of tenants. I had my ups and downs with the remodel last summer and over the winter had a roof leak that caused some minor drywall damage.

It is hard to find good contractors and I figured now is the perfect time to have a roofer fix the roof before the rains.

Does anyone have a recommendation or two for a roofer in Los Angeles, Long Beach, or northern Orange County?

Thanks again fellow BP peeps!


James Peters

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Our firm provides referrals for S&W roofing out of Norwalk.  A link to their reviews on Yelp is provided. 


I personally do not have a first hand experience with this company so as with any vendor, always perform your own due diligence before entering into a business relationship.

@Sam Dennis Sorry for the delay on getting back to you.  I ended up working with Tom Byer Roofing.  They have been around for several decades.  Their quote came in the middle, but they were the most professional, offered a good warranty, and did the job quickly.  

@Travis Langley not sure if you have fixed the roof, but maybe take a look at them?