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Hello all, 

I've been working at Facebook for 3.5 years now, but for real estate, I've been focused mainly on deals in secondary markets such as Spokane and Indianapolis. Since I've started, I've picked up about 30 units. 

This year I would like to start looking at deals in the bay area, specifically in Alameda county. Are there any wholesalers here on BP that are active in Eastbay? If so I'd love to chat! 



Hey Jonathan,

I haven't seen any deals come through wholesalers in the Bay Area for a while.  Maybe they have their go-to buyers for the good stuff, but everything I see posted or that comes to me in an email isn't worth it.  If any whole salers out there want to contradict me, please do!

I do come across deals sometimes in the Bay Area that I can't always act on. They are usually decent plays, but not smoking deals.   PM me if you want to chat.  

Hello Ori,

Hello Ori, 

6 unit mixed-use commercial building in Downtown Oakland. Prime downtown location on 12th Street. Situated just outside Chinatown, 2 blocks from 12th St. bart station, Broadway and Oakland Tribune building. Excellent investment & development opportunity!

Property Type:RetailLot Size:9,453 sq ft
Units6Lot Dimensions:9,453 sq ft
Stories:1ZoningD-LM-4 Mixed Commercial
RentAround $20,000/M

Adding on to this thread here - wholesalers and investors feel free to PM me and I will help you find buyers/lenders. I'm currently partnering with a team of experienced, motivated investors who can act quickly and decisively.

Hi everyone, I know this post is a few months old but I'm actually getting ready to send out my first round of mailings in the East Bay and was wondering if any of you would be interested in chatting? I'm curious what types of properties you all are looking for and in what areas. 

Feel free to PM me with more details! 

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