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Hi All,

I own a RE investment firm here in Scottsdale. We've purchased roughly 75 homes in 2016 from one of the US top RE equity firms. Currently, we're negotiating 35 SFRs in Modesto, and we're getting close on closing the gap on price. 

I'm reaching out because I need the following:

  1. Agent who can run BPOs. I need ARV and "rental condition" comps.
  2. Dedicated agent who could list all these properties at a discount, or flat rate. 
  3. Reputable contractors
  4. Investors who may want to pick some of these deals up, in as-is condition. 

Thank you. 

Hi Jared, 

I'm an agent in the area and could help you with all of those things. Maybe it's best we discuss this over the phone. 

Hi Jared-  I sent you a colleague request. Thanks look for to connecting with you 

Hey Jared, I'm a local Modesto Realtor and investor. I may be able to help you with whatever your needs may be for this area. 

Hello Jared, I own a swimming pool service company and can take care of any green pools or equipment repairs.

hi, I have a majored rehab in modesto. doea any one know a reasonable contractor around Stockton modesto area.

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@Jared Vidales .... know this is an older post but still looking to sell off some "as is " properties?

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