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Bangor ME contractors, want to learn how to invest?
I’m in immediate need for a person that can coordinate jobs, work well with others, schedule jobs, etc. In exchange, besides good pay, I’ll teach and help this person develop their own portfolio of investments.
Straight Outta Stockton - Anatomy of another Stockton “Deal”
Straight Outta Stockton - Anatomy of another Stockton “Deal” In a previous post I made some bold general statements regarding how hard it is to find an even halfway decent deal on the MLS in Stockton, CA. As a sort of... View more
How to find local assisted living facilities for sale?
Hello, Has any assisted living investor had success finding facilities licensed for over 30+ residents in the area? The market is saturated with 6 bed facilities. There are many smaller properties available, but... View more
Stockton: The Last Bastion of Housing Affordability in California
After my most recent post on projecting Stockton to be the #4 metro market in the nation in 2018, I've received the same question over and over and over again:"But WHY Stockton? What's so great about it?... View more
Stockton good bad map
Hello,Looking for a map someone posted a couple years ago. I remember it gave the good and bad areas of Stockton ca. Looking to develop a small strip mall. I tired looking for the map without any luck. It was probably... View more
Getting into private lender
Hi,I'm starting out and trying to diversify.  I have some good funds saved up and looking into private lending.  I appreciate any thoughts on how to get it going?Thanks,Stan
Stockton CA Help "Im stuck"
Hi everyone So I'm your typical newbie i want to start and i have a lot of wants and a lot of drive to start my investing journey but i'm stuck and don't know where to start.My goal is buy and holds. I have my first... View more
small bank / investor friendly / heloc
Looking for recommendations for local lender who doesn't require seasoning of the property. Ideally investor friendly and offers 80% - 90% LTV. Great large bank recommendation? I'll take it!Thanks!
Hows the occupancy rate in Stockton?
I've seen some pretty good deals in Stockton, but I don't know how hard it is to keep or find tenants. I know UOP and a CSU have a campus there,  so I figured I can at least rent to some college students. Any thoughts... View more
Needing Contractor Referral in Stockton area ?
Hi, can anyone please recommend me general contractor in Stockton, CA  area . I have a duplex and had to evict tenants from one one of the units out and they have left the house in a big mess and needing alot of touch... View more
Contractor Referral? My contractor has his hands full...
Hey Everyone,I was wondering if anybody had a contractor for single family home flips they can recommend in Stockton/Lodi area? My current contractor is jam packed with work and I need someone for my next several... View more
Stockton Investor Meet ups?
Are there any meet ups for the Stockton area? Really want to obtain my first investment property here in Stockton so i would love to attend a meet up if there are any!
Real Estate Lawyer Reference
We have several questions that we need to get answered by a real estate lawyer.  Anyone have any references?  Thanks in advance for your time. God bless,Arturo 
Stockton commercial agents and property managers
We are looking for expanding my portfolio by including Multi-families in Stockton. Would appreciate to get references for commercial agents and property managers in the area? 
Refinance of the BRRRR possible?!
When using the BRRRR method is it possible to refinance a multi unit(4) at 80% in the stockton ca area? Do you know any good lenders who work with investors using this approach? And who currently BRRRR's in the area?... View more
New to forum, looking to build a network
Hey all, I’m new to BP, but have been a part of the real Estate game for several years now. We hear on the podcast that it’s important for us to join our local meetups, but I can attest that it’s difficult given my... View more
1% rule in Stockton ca?!?
I was chatting with a colleague about the process I use to purchase properties and I was wondering with the market rising does anyone still use the 1% rule in Stockton CA or is that hard to achieve. Thanks in advance 🙏🏾
Stockton,Ca for investments
Hi BP,I am on the lookout for properties in my area and wondering how the market is doing here. I don't have much cash on hand for a down payment so I am looking at Condos as a way into this investing game.A quick... View more
Stockton, CA - Go to Person / Local Manager
Hey guys, we're looking for someone who can help us out locally on a Multifamily property in Stockton. Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.It would be light property management duties, ie. posting notices from... View more
City Fees and taxes on New multifamily dev in Stockton
Hi,I have a seller looking to sell an entitled 190+ unit multifamily parcel.  I'm trying to add up the costs of development.  I'm wondering if anyone knows what city fees, permits, and taxes (school, water, fire) will... View more
Local Investment Group Stockton CA?
Hi Everyone - Is anyone here aware of, or part of a local investment group in Stockton, CA? It would be great to network with other active investors in the area...
Stockton Rental Market - How much do apartments rent for today!
Stockton, CA Rental Market – From the Tenants Perspective.About 9 months ago I did a little "market research" because I was bringing a few new units in Stockton online. This week I had another one come up and since I... View more