Short Term Rentals - Denver - Lodger's Tax ID

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Hi BP community,

Any folks here in Denver familiar with the specific details and steps to acquire a Lodger's Tax ID to start a short term rental (AirBNB, VRBO). I may be on the right track but I wanted to reach out to see who here in Denver, CO has completed this and could possibly give me some guidance. I've requested a "Letter ID" for eBiz Tax Center which I guess leads to being able to acquire a Lodger's Tax ID? This particular task seems a bit confusing but I see it's necessary to get my STR license with the City of Denver.

Any guidance/tips, etc. is greatly appreciated. We're looking to get our STR up and running as quickly as possible before the end of this year. Thank you!

Hey, Brad - I just happened to complete this entire process and it is indeed confusing!!  I'll message you directly and will gladly walk you through the whole process. I don't think you need the Letter ID you mention above. Getting the required licenses in Denver is actually not too difficult.  I'm thinking I might create a document or YouTube video to walk others through the process as it's just not clearly laid out.