Moving to Denver, would LOVE to work for some type of RE company!

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I've spent the past 3 years with a logistics company in Ohio (phone sales), and was among the leaders in sales last year. Have plenty of business experience. I am absolutely moving to Denver in the next month or three. Would love to start learning more about real estate out in Denver by working for some type of RE company. I'm open-minded. Anyone have any tips? :)

Hi Brice, there are many companies that have real estate tyoe jobs. There are only a handful of them that pay well and most of those you will have to work long hours. If you are interested in Real Estate you could just jump right in and get your license. Just like Matt said, Lead Jen is what it is about. There is plenty of Real estate competition out there. 

What skills do you have that could be leveraged in a job b opportunity? Also, what experience? If you put your skills out there you might fins someone who is looking for someone like you to take their business to the next level. 

Good luck.

@Brice Naylor are you looking for a w-2 job with a salary or going out on your own such as an agent or loan officer?

@Matt M. is dead on. Give me great leads and a crappy sales team and we'll beat the best salespeople with no leads :)

Bigger Pockets is, indeed, based in Denver :) However, the only job the company is hiring for that I've seen are IT-type jobs, which are not my expertise.

My experience over the past several years has been in phone sales, client relations, and account management. I've been among the top performers in my company, but am tired of that industry and want to move west from Ohio. I've been an LO in the past. To start, I'd need some sort of W2 job.

Phone work and client relations can be done long distance. Here's what I would do:

- figure out the areas you want to focus on (LO or becoming a broker or whatever)

- Start calling every person you can find related to that industry. 

- Look for opportunities to start working long distance in Ohio.

- People will appreciate and respect the hustle, which will open doors.