Denver Flip House Tour - This Saturday

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Those of you looking to get into flipping or just want to see what is going on are more than welcome to check out my latest flip in Virginia Village. It will be a full gut rehab of an existing ranch with basement. We have cleared out the home and are in the permitting stage. This is a good time to see what an empty home looks like before the fun begins. All are welcome, but let me know you are headed down. Follow me on IG or FB @flipping_denver

Saturday Feb 10th at 10am. Address is 1591 S Flamingo Way, Denver 80222

@Matt M.  


   You seem to be well appointed within the city of Denver. If I was in the area I would have loved to visit your flip project. I am currently a Canadian citizen looking to migrate to the US through an EB-5 investor Visa. 

   I am looking for a city where I can build both spec homes and rental properties. Do you feel that Denver is a viable long-term option for this? I would be building spec homes for active income and rental properties for passive (brrrr investing all rentals - don't mind leaving some equity in the property if it means cash flowing positive). I understand that positive cash flow is harder to come by in Denver from what I read but ideally I would only be interested in building 5+ unit apartments to try and avoid overly appreciated properties. Is Denver a solid long term city to invest in or is it only going to get harder and harder as prices continue to increase?

Thank you