Looking for investor friendly agent in Jax for 1st deal

3 Replies | Jacksonville, Florida

Hi everyone, I am in the early stages of looking for properties in the Jax area. Ideally I'd like to househack/buy and hold a multifamily. I'm working on getting pre-approved through a few different lenders so I have options and can move quickly if the right opportunity comes up. I guess my question would be: does anybody know of any investor friendly agents in the area I could meet up with? Looking for some general guidance in the process. I've done a lot of research on RE investing the last year or so and am ready to jump into it! 

William,  My wife is an investor friendly agent.   My Father and I are investers here in Jax. Feel free to contact us we are glad to help.  Let her know the locations you are looking to invest in etc...



PS  We can not send contact info outside of market place so I send you an invite.