Out of State Investor Looking to a Realtor in Jacksonville

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Hello! I live in the Bay Area and am interested in the Jacksonville resi/multifamily market. Can anyone recommend any realtors to network with for out of state investors? I appreciate your help!

Chris Papa 

@Chris Papa I have been in Jacksonville area since 1975 with 29 years USPS and Investing since the 90s. I have recently became psycho addicted to tax deeds, the post auction lists. My 1st one was a huge profit. Anyway, feel free to ask about zip codes anytime.

Hello experienced JAX investors, i am currently looking at a multifamily apartment in Avondale. What would be the optimal cap rate for current market in that area ? I live in South Florida and from the research i made it is a nice stable area. Would be great to know what do you guys think for that area to invest ?

Thank you

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