What are you zip code recommendations for rentals?

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Hi, My team and I are looking to purchase a few rentals in the Jacksonville area. We're looking for higher cash flow as opposed to appreciation. We're comfortable with C-class, more inexpensive, neigherborhoods if they have low(er) crime. In your experience which neighborhoods would fit what we're looking for?

@Aaron Yang If you want cash flow, look at 32208, 32209 and 32206. The appreciation will be lower, but you can get good HUD properties for dirt cheap and they make nice cash flow cows. Get good property management and sit back and count the cash.

If you do a simple Zillow search right now, there are 3/1 homes for 17.5k in 32208, So add a new roof for 4-5, and fix some inside stuff for a few k and you have a nice cash flowing home paid for itself in a couple of years. It can be done. 

I have to say, I hope I'm not the only person tired of seeing the same posts in dozens of different threads every week.  Seriously no offense @Aaron Yang , but if you have a team, why not have someone search through the hundreds of archived conversation threads about this very topic, among many other relevant ones with lots of good (and free) information?  Just a thought.

@Tyler L. Have you tried searching for this on Biggerpockets? I only see about 3 other threads but they talk about 1 specific zip code within Jacksonville. If there are any threads that are relevant to my question, please feel free to link them to me.

In addition, I'm seeking up to date information and a lot can change even within a year.

I've lived in Jacksonville for over 20 years & I've worked in property management for 15 years & I've had rental property as well. I'm also a licensed Florida real estate broker. This is just my opinion, but I like 32225, 32246, 32223, 32277, 32224 & there are some newer homes in 32218.