Lenders and contractors

4 Replies | Jacksonville, Florida

I'm looking for some recommendations on lenders in Jax that could help me with a refi in the future as well as some repped general contractors. I will be utilizing the BRRRR meathod as an OOS investor so if anyone has any great experience working with anyone over there please let me know. Thank you

Good evening Sean! I'm located in Jacksonville Fl, and I have a private lender who is also one of my business partners. We also use the BRRRR method on all of our rentals. My other business partner is a contractor and that helps out tremendously on our costs for rehabs and such. Let me know how I could be of help. Even if its helping you get some rentals and or funding for your deals.

thanks for the response and yes I would be interested in knowing more. I currently have a realtor but I'm just trying to get some names of other parts of the team so I can vet people.

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