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I'm interested in investing in a 3+ unit property in Jacksonville that has below market rent and could use a little improvement. Can anyone recommend a Jacksonville property manager? They ideally would be able to help me find and analyze potential investments, and help make improvements to the property once acquired. Thanks 

I'm a Jacksonville Property Manager and Real Estate Broker.  I'd be happy to help answer any questions you have to help you find the right property manager.  Let me know if I can help.   

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Suncoast has admin fees if maintenance is hired or there is a problem reported by tenant. I have not been impressed with maintenance and follow up.  They have a 2 year PM agreement that automatically renews. There is a large penalty if you end the agreement early.  I think they're currently experiencing growing pains, but they have plans to grow more soon, so buyer beware...  Also, I've talked to a couple of PM companies with long turn times - ask about that when interviewing property managers. Suncoast recently told me they wait for current tenant to move out, then they do walk thru, make list of work, then they bid out work, then work happens, then they accept potential applications for people to see home and market for re-rental. Sounds to me like turn will be well over 30-45 days.  If you find a good PM company, please let me know. ;)

Originally posted by @Jared Magaro :

Can anyone provide opinion on Suncoast Property Management? Currently seeking out the right Property Management company for an Out of State investor. @Mark Fries I also have reached out to Valiant per your recommendation. 

Did you end up using Valiant? I looked them up but am concerned about blatantly fake Google reviews. Would love a 1st hand account.

I know this is an older thread but I am an investor and property manager in Jax. Happy to help anyone looking for a property management company. Our company is Thirdstone Properties. Right now we manage 75 properties (6 of our own) and growing every month. We also don't have any contract to tie you in. We do this purposely so that investors can know we will be help accountable for our service. Anyone interested, feel free to reach out :)