House mobile home and grandfather laws question

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I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the grandfather laws regarding a property that has a mobile home as well as a house.My wife’s father(who was an electrician and handyman) passed away. He has a property that she is going to inherit that originally had two mobile homes on it but he replaced the mobile home in the front with a house that he built(without pulling permits or getting it rezoned). We aren’t too worried with the the safety or anything with the house because all the work was done by him and his friends who were certified and licensed  craftsmen. We just aren’t sure what to do or if it’s ok to just fix up the homes and just start renting them out. Any advice would be appreciated.

I would check the county property appraiser and see what they have on file for that lot. As you do repairs try and permit as much as possible electric, plumbing etc. Is the home insured? You may want to have a home inspector go out and check it out from the safety aspect before you rent it out.