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1st Investment Property
Hello everyone, I'm excited to make my first post on this forum, as I've been visiting this site for quite some time!  The property we purchased is in 32208 and has 2 prong outlets throughout the home. Our home... View more
General market sentiment for Jacksonville
Hi all, I am an out of state investor who spent many years in Tallahassee, FL. I know the N Florida area well and have identified Jacksonville as a city with good potential for cash flowing rentals. I have some... View more
Community banks Jacksonville
Looking for small community banks around town that will loan on rental properties. My first three properties were through Everbank. It was hard getting the third loan, which seems to be the case with bigger banks. Any... View more
Build to Rent in Jacksonville
I'm interested in adding some new construction homes to my portfolio here in Jacksonville. I was able to find one provider so far, but they don't have any inventory in the Jacksonville area at this time: Southern... View more
Valuing Historic Renovations
Good evening BP Jax! I am practicing analyzing some properties in the Springfield market. I really like the historic homes and am trying to find some comps for the subject. However, one of the comps I found has more... View more
Jacksonville Market BRRRR
I am looking to land my first BRRRR deal in Jax. It looks like the sweet spot for the ARV seems to be around 125k-150k, but Im not sure what areas I want to focus on. I have been searching more on the West side of St.... View more
Real Estate Investors | YellowBird Connect
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I wanted to make people aware of an issue I recently uncovered with the Facebook Group : Real Estate Investors | YellowBird Connect. I reached out to one of the admins and asked them... View more
Investing in SFH with no garage
I am looking at a few SFH to rent out in Jacksonville, FL (specifically mandarin/Julington creek) that do not have a garage. Do renters/home buyers have a strong desire to have attached garages? Is rental price... View more
Looking for LVP installers
Hi everyone, What's your guide for LVP installation (click and lock)? I've tried several (big box stores, dealers with showrooms) but they're a bit expensive and could not find one which adheres to the install prices... View more
ISO Short Term Project Manager in Jax FL
HelloLooking for an experienced Project Manager in Jacksonville to oversee multiple remodeling projects on a SFH in Mandarin area. Very part-time and flexible hours. Must be available to meet with tradespeople during... View more
Demographics info on specific areas/neighborhoods
Hello fellow investors, I'm an OOS and find it difficult to find demographics data on specific neighborhoods or even at a zip code level.  So far I've purchased a property in Wesconnet (32244) and I'm currently... View more
Investing around Paxon (32254) and Stanton (32209) Jacksonville
I was wondering if you guys would recommend investing in properties around Paxon School for Advanced Studies (ZIP 32254) and Stanton College Preparatory School (ZIP 32209) as it could be a good spot for students and... View more
Short-term Rentals (Airbnb) in Jacksonville
I see plenty of Airbnb listings in Jacksonville, but little information on short term rental regulations for the city. Are there regulations (hotel tax?) governing these short term rentals, or any special hoops to jump... View more
Anyone have a good lawncare company?
Ideally I'd like to hire someone who takes care of everything: weed pulling, fertilizing, cutting the lawn, cleaning the leaves. Is that the best way to go? It's a fairly big property, 10 units. Thanks
reliable investor friendly real estate agents
Good day,  I'm currently getting started with buying and renovating properties out of Jacksonville, NC. I've been in contact with a handful of real estate agents, as I'm sure everyone knows how difficult it can be to... View more
Need help with permit for septic!!!!
I have been trying to obtain a permit for a septic system placement by the Duval County health department with the help of my septic contractor for 5 months now without any success. I already spent hundreds of dollars... View more
Newly arrived in Jacksonville, FL
  I have recently arrived in Jacksonville, FL and in doing so, I am finally given the opportunity to start working on investing full-time. I am an experienced remodeller and have previously done one flip as part of a... View more
Calling all Jacksonville Florida House hack (ers)
I am looking to interview individuals who have house hacked a property in the Jacksonville, Florida area in the last 5-10 years. I am a former house hacker myself, and looking to tell the stories (good and bad) of... View more
Looking for mentors in jacksonville florida
I started wholesaling about eight months ago but haven't gotten my first deal yet. I would like to meet-up or partner with wholesalers in the jacksonville area to learn and succeed in this business as well. 
Looking for a Accountability partner
Hello, my name is Zachary and I'm 21 and have lived in Jacksonville my whole life. I've been researching a lot the last two years about real estate and I'm getting ready to start investing. I'm going for BRRRR and... View more
Land survey for septic install permit
Hello,I'm looking for referrals for a survey contractor in order to push through a permit for septic installation over the Health dep.Thank you!
Recommendations for Investor-oriented CPA in Jacksonville
Hi all, Can anyone recommend an investor-friendly CPA in Jax for tax planning and assistance with annual filing? Preferably, this individual would also be a real estate investor themselves.  Thank you!