Condo insurance coverage for LLC in Florida

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Hi all,

I recently purchased a condo in a new development in Miami, Florida. Property is under an LLC formed in FL. Trying to get insurance coverage that includes liability coverage. Condo (residential) has just been rented with a newly signed 1 yr lease.

Attaining insurance in Florida is a bit tougher than in NJ, particularly for an LLC.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank You.

@Jairo Paredes I know of an option where you can get $1M of liability coverage for about $120 per year.  I'll send you the link.

@Jairo Paredes

I have a few options to insure for both liability and property coverage. The LLC certainly limits the options but there are a few companies that will still do it.

I can put you in contact with my insurance broker if you'd like. I highly recommend him. 

@Mehdi Khachani can you send me the info? I'll be in miami next week and would like to get this done. Thanks.

@Jason Bott could you share the information for 1M liability coverage for around $120.

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