Miami Foreclosure Auction

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Yeah, wetlands are not going to be able to built on.....not without mitigation replacements which would be more than the property is worth.

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@Elvis Vasquez why would you want to buy wetlands? Just curious. 

 I have a law professor at my college teaching me how to file a quiet title suit just wanted to gain the experience and learn how to do file the lawsuit myself.

I also plan to use it for agriculture and one of my friend's uncle has a bunch of construction equipment that can go off road.

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Okay.. I do buy property at foreclosure auctions in Miami and Florida and yes it can be profitable.  It's just risky if you don't know what you are doing.. I am a licensed title agent and I can do title searches myself (without having to pay for them)   But you can still miss liens even if you know what you are doing. 

@Chudi A. As for IRS liens. They are recorded against the owner not against the property. So, you also have to do a name search.. Searching for liens against the owner as well as against the property.   The IRS lien has to be recorded or the United States of America listed as a co-defendant in the lawsuit for them to have the 120 day Right of Redemption.

You also have to learn which liens have priority and super priority.  Code enforcement liens screw a lot of people buying foreclosures.  Code enforcement is a priority lien and doesn't get wiped out.  Had one house with a $100 a day fine for the prior owner not cutting the grass.  Never got resolved for over a year and the city demanded the full $36,000 in fines to be paid just for the owner not cutting the grass.

one more thing that can throw you for a loop is subordination.  Priority of liens is determined by the date they are recorded until this is a subordination agreement by a prior lien which is fairly common. You should read or at least skim through the recorded mortgage

 This is really good information to keep in mind. Thanks.

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