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Hello all. I wanted to get some local insight to the North Miami sub market. I grew up in North Miami but have been away from home for over 20 years. I had never really looked at it at the time as a good area to invest. However as I have started to invest remotely I wanted to get insight into where that market is now. Is it a good place to invest? If so why or why not? I know there used to be the higher end markets east of Biscayne and closer to the water and then the more middle end market West of Biscayne. Is that still the same? Are there any hot pockets in the city currently? How is the job market there? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Stephen, I live in North Miami, lots of upside here if you can get your hands on anything. Rents are growing, job market is strong, certainly are higher end markets towards Biscayne ave, but really depends on what type of assets you are looking for.

On the multi-family side, there is a huge deal being marketed right now, 886 units throughout NMB.

SFH i am not as familiar with.

Just sent you a connection request, would be glad to speak.

Hey, @Stephen Sokolow the submarket of North Miami definitely is hot at this moment and it will continue like that for a long period of time since a lot of new companies are moving to town and their employees. The market of  Single-family and multi-family properties is very competitive today since the economy is good and there are a lot of cash buyers that are willing to overpay for properties in that market.

But you still have a chance to invest if you know where to look for a good deal. 

Welcome back to Miami and let's connect!

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