Any recommendations for "honest" septic company?

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My father in North Fort Myers had a problem with his septic about 2 years ago. A company told him he needed to replace his entire leach field and tank for the bargain price of $8000-$10,000. He called roto rooter and they found some debris/branches that were blocking his exit. It was a $300 fix.

I had a minor septic back-up in February. I later found out that it was because of two running toilets. My tenants forgot to mention the running toilets at the time. I had two different companies come out and tell me that my leach field and tank needed to be replaced for $7000-$8000. I later found out it was because of the running toilets and haven't had a problem since February.

Can anyone recommend an "honest" septic company? I don't want anything for free. Just someone to give an honest diagnosis with a fair market value repair cost.

Has anyone in the Fort Myers area ever needed to replace their entire leach field with new sand/dirt? The sand/dirt seems to be so porous in Fort Myers that it's hard for me to imagine that it would ever need to be replaced.

well, the only time the septic and drain field needs to be replaced is when the filed doesn't take any more water at all. I am working with septic all the time. so I can find out if it needs to be replaced or not.  there are so many things that can cause the back up.  the main drain clog , filter clog , solid hole full, lift station pump broke . any of these issue will cause the back up.