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I was doing some research and looking for a coach and mentor and found Mat Piche, an REI in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. An area I'm looking to start investing in.

He actually got a YouTube channel and have some before and after videos of properties he's renovated and starting to rent out.

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He's also got a blog going on at KWProperty Pro where he provides some good value and some free books. 

He also started an apprenticeship program I'm thinking of signing up for. 

Just looking if anyone on BP heard of him or worked with him before? Seems legit and not some guru that don't provide any value.

edit: Just realized I posted in the wrong forum, supposed to be posted in the Ontario, Canada forums

@Quang Nguyen , that's kind of funny that I got this post. I do live in Ontario, but am also interested in the Orlando area. That being said, I don't think I can add any value for you. I have been in REI since 2009 (in London, ON), and have read a good deal of books, and been active on some websites. I have not heard of Mat Piche, and as a result, can say neither good nor bad about him. It does sound like he is active, and knowledgeable. I am not sure I am comfortable with his claim on Linked In..."Sick of working HARD for your money? Let me help you break free through real estate investing" I find it often is hard work; makes me think of the REI circuit people. He does state that he is a member of REIN, a Canadian network that seems to be a part of many of the successful Canadian RE authors' repertoire. I would suggest you should contact him and ask him for several references, maybe speak to him for a bit and ask some hard questions about what his program is and why it will benefit you specifically.



@Quang Nguyen - One of the challenges in finding a coach is finding someone who is really skilled and well connected. I don't know what it is about Real Estate investing, but there seem to be so many self proclaimed gurus. It annoys me to no end. I don't know Mat Piche and I'm sure he's fantastic, but why a coach? I feel like every answer can be found online and within your network of other investors these days.

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