Orange County Florida Property Tax Appeals

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Hello BP community. I live in NJ but have two rental condo units in Orlando. I want to find a local attorney that can help me appeal my property taxes. I welcome recommendations and your thoughts. Thank you, Shane

Have you checked the other tax assessments for the same size condos in your complex?  You normally get a notice when the property is assessed yearly and only have a short time to appeal - "Assessment Appeals: You must file a petition with the VAB within 25 days after the Property Appraiser mails your Notice of Proposed Property Taxes also known as Truth in Millage (TRIM notice). This usually occurs during the month of August"

@Marelyn Valdes Thank you for the reply. Fortunately, I did submit the appeal in time and have a court date coming up on November. I know I can do the research myself but was thinking that finding a local expert could be beneficial.  Thoughts?

When I appealed my tax assessment in Tampa years ago, I hired the man who had worked for the state as well as the county appraising property for eminent domain (their witness) and another ex county manager as my witnesses.  They couldn't impeach their testimony since they had used them in the past.  It wasn't cheap, but it involved an expensive piece of property and I managed to save more than the legal expenses.  You might call the Florida Bar and ask for an attorney referral for a board certified attorney in real estate in that county.

Hi Shane,

I am a client of a local attorney by the name of Charles Castellon of CPC Law firm and would highly recommend him. I can't post his number here but go to the website

@Shane O'Donnell, Hello, We thought this out many years ago as my girlfriend works for the County as an Accountant. We came to the conclusion that the increase in property tax can only go up 2% a year with the Valuation of the property. So, you will hire the best and most expensive to prove that the Valuation is incorrect and get relief this year. Then, they hit you again, next year. Your pissing in the wind. There are a lot of reasons to get mad, but, we just went through the deepest Recession since the Great Depression. Tampa and Las Vegas were Ground Zero for the losses in property value in the 2008 Crash. I lost 60% of the value in my rentals that I succeeded in keeping, with my third lawyer who turned out to be the only one in 30 years that I could call on the phone and talk to on a Daily basis as we worked out all the problems over the last six years. Our property taxes took an extra year to be modified and they were cut in half or more. Now, after 8 years they are starting to get back to where they were before the Crash. I think we are at a Top in the RE Market and one simple solution is to Sell the property and save your profit in Dollars. Further, IF, we are at the Top of the Market and we really do experience another and worse Economic Downtrend this next year, then it will not matter what you do and the only way to save yourself is to Sell everything. I will save all my Dollars in separate FDIC banks and wait for the Bottom to put in to Buy again. Because I trade Futures I also have the ability to Sell the Market Short during any Corrections on the way Down and make my Daily Cash in the mornings trading. I have properties in Brazil and they are experiencing the biggest Depression in their History. I know a Brazilian Investor here in Tampa who says that the property values lost 50% of their value this last year and that he lost 3 Million Dollars in value. So, my properties may have suffered a big loss in value, but, my properties are in the Oil Capital of Brazil where we have all the oil rigs offshore and most of the high paying JOB's in Brazil. We will recover first when the Market hits bottom and begins to recover. The RE Market is just like the Stock Market if you follow charts of the Business Cycle and such.

I appealed a property tax value on a house in Volusia county myself.  (2 counties away)  I filled out the proper forms, to have a hearing at the value appraisal board.  Then, a county property tax appraiser called me and asked why I did that.  I explained and said I was prepared to win.  So, a week or so later, he called back and offered to lower the value considerably,  if I would accept that, instead of going to the board.  I accepted the offer.  It seemed like he was afraid of losing at the hearing.  So, we both ended up happy.  

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