Real estate agent experienced with multiunits

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anyone in Atlanta working with a Real Estate agent on multiunit deals (duplexes, upto fourplexes) ? Would love to hear firsthand experiences and recommendations from investors. 

Thanks !


I don't know of very many if any in Atlanta you can even purchase, but if you are finding them I can provide you with a few licensed agents in those parts to help you.

Jim Sakalis

On the same lines, does anyone have a recommendation for a Property Management company they have chosen to manage their multiunit ( upto 4 plex) and would recommend ? I spoke with a PM who mainly does SFH and they didn't seem too keen on managing multiunits. I can understand the renter profile is different for a MU renter than a SFH renter, so I am looking for a PM who would is willing to take up MU PM and actually does it well. Personal experiences would be most helpful. Thanks !

Akhil my team here in Atlanta works on Multifamily more than 5 units. Maybe I can help you with some questions. Let me know

My business partner manages my 10+ units in Airbnb. Im sure they could help you do the same if you need property manager for your future multi unit property.  

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