CPA Referral in Atlanta

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Hello everyone - We are looking for a referral to a CPA in the Atlanta area. We would prefer to work with a person or a firm that services real estate investors. Thanks!

I'm working with harold halpern on moreland in east atlanta. He's not a licensed cpa but knows his stuff and has various investor accounts. His prices are great.

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@Michaela G.- I called Mr. Halpern. He is not accepting any new clients, but thanks for the referral- 

Just make sure that you called the halpern on moreland and not halpern accounting....which is a different company

@Jay L. @Prachel C. While there's some benefit to having a local CPA, today it's no longer necessary. Especially, with society being more mobile overall, the accountant that was nearby may no longer be there if you or they move. Also, if you may invest in RE outside of your locale, an accountant with a more national perspective may be a better fit. Check out @Daniel Hyman   of My Online Accountant on BP and their business model.

Best of luck!