Seeking recommendations for a good general contractor for rehabs

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I'm looking for an honest, efficient, reasonably-priced general contractor to do rehabs on investment properties in Atlanta. Ideally, they would be used to working with investors who are out of state. It would be great to have some recommendations for people you all have worked with directly. Please send some names my way!

I'm out of state and doing my first rehab. My contractor is someone I've known for a long time, but this is our first time working together. So far he has been great, but demo has just started. I'll keep you posted toward the end see about recommending!

I need one as well so if someone can refer me/us that would be great! Thanks!

Hey guys, I have a few contractors that I've worked with and work with my investors here in Atlanta. I'll shoot you a PM with their contact info.

@Keegan Lunsford , can you please send me a list of your contractors as well  and maybe indicate in the list which ones charge to give estimates and which ones don't? Thank you

We are both reach out if you have any upcoming projects.

@Keegan Lunsford , hello from Salzburg in Austria!

If you don't mind I would be very greatful if you could send me the list of the contractors!

Thank you and have a great day Keegan,


@Keegan Lunsford , would you mind sending me the contractors contact information as well? I'm working on finding my first deal in Atlanta and could really use the advice of a trusted contractor.

HI Keegan,

I would like to know the list too..Appreciate if you can copy me too please

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