Dekalb County New Residential Sewer

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Heard yes.  I suggest callind Dekalb building permits to get details.  Get the real facts.

Per drainage basin (stuff flows down hill...).  Which you'll need to map which basin is moratoriumed and which not, think 2 basins in Dekalb.

Yup if you do new construction you need to know which counties have new sewer tap available and where...  

@Josh F. yes Director of DeKalb Watershed spoke at an event I was at last month and said  they are months away from being able to allowing new sewer hookups in the 2 most affected areas in S. DeKalb. 

and it depends on the basin where your property sewer goes. It’s weird State Farm building 1 million square feet but the basin where the sewer goes is fine. 

You won’t get a direct answer from DeKalb unless you know someone.