I’m looking for a great cpa who understands real estate investing

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I’m in the Atlanta area ( Douglasville ga ) to be exact. I’m looking for a cpa account, who know real estate investing very well. If anyone knows anyone, let me know, thanks. 

@Joe Ruggles , I hope you had better luck than me.  I reached out to them and was told that I had to have a phone interview with an Assistant and fill out a questionnaire just to have a meeting with Mr. Whirley.  Maybe it should not have, but that just struck me the wrong way.  Yes, I could be a small time guy that just wants someone to file my 1040 or I could have spent mid-six figures on my CPA last year that I have been using for 20+ years but all of that could have been deduced in a 15 minute meeting.  (As a side note, one of those two statements are true)

I have always prided myself on not letting my emotions get in the way of business, but this time it really rubbed me wrong.  I hope you get a better outcome.  


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