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I always recommend clients look at sites like city-data or other sources that provide census data. For communities with HOAs you can pull some info from the MLS or your agent can. I always recommend if buying in a neighborhood with an HOA make sure you look at the financials, rules/regulations, and covenants so you understand the full picture.

Hi Haley,   I've been buying rentals in Atlanta area for a while now.  I've never found "demographics" to be useful or important.  What is the algorithm/decission process that will take age, income, etc info into account?

Price =,  rental amount =

Days on market look at the days on market filter.  They are unique in having at the end of their filter choices;  >60 days on market, >90 days on market.  LOL yes there are houses on the market that long.  Worth looking at.  But not in hot areas I agree.

Price change up or down per month or year; $99/mo.  I have this.  Don't use it to find deals to buy.  Propstream can be used as a direct marketing platform and very very usefully to dig into the mortgage, liens of a particular address yoiu are interested in.  IE driving for dollars and you want to know more info about the address.  Yes you could find deals on propstream but I didn't, I used zillow/realtor max price filters.   If you are new to an area them maybe finding where prices jumped 5% lats 3 mo is useful. also has filters for mapping age of home, length of home ownership and many more.

I bought all my rentals just using and max price filter email alerts.  I would set the area and max price to be the price range that "fixers" are offered at.  

If you are buying rentals;  you might read my paper a file I linked off my BP profile 1st paragraph;  how to buy a bullet proof rental portfolio.

I also suggest you join the local REIAs, where experienced folks hang.  I've joined them all, you might too, I then settled on where more helpful folks hang in my view.

Glad to help via PM or my email.

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For Price and HOA I generally look at,, etc. For rental estimates I use For demographics/income I use If you're looking for general market data on metro level, has a great dashboard in their data center.