Chicago question - size of property manager sign requirement

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Anyone that happens to be from Chicago.... do you know what the requirement is for the "property management" sign on your rental building.

I had a city inspector tell me that the paper in the window with my name and number was not sufficient.  He said it has to be a certain size and have my name, number and address.  If he told me the size....I forgot what he said b/c I was nervous about passing the building violation that he was there checking.

I wanted to order the official sign, but I can't find the measurement requirements anywhere.

Thanks in advance.

@Leslie Voegtlin

The owner of any building having residential units designed or used for two or more family units or designed or used for sleeping accommodations, other than family units, for more than ten persons shall post, or cause to be posted, in a prominent place in a common area of the building accessible from the public way, or affixed to the building so as to be visible from the public way, the name, address, and telephone number of the owner, his agent for the purpose of managing, controlling or collecting rents and any other person managing or controlling such building.

I haven't seen a specific size listed/required, just that its reasonably large enough to been seen from the sidewalk (public way).

We order all of our signs from Wing Signs at Belmont and Kilbourn. Definitely more than you'll pay for Vista Print but they're customer service and quality is second to none and the guy knows everything there is to know about signage, materials, color schemes, etc.

@Jason Marcordes  Thank you so much for the info and the contact.  I will check it out.  Money is a big deal for me right now so I might get the cheaper sign.  :)  Having this contact will be better in the future though....once I get renters and then get my next place.  Thanks so much!

I just ordered several signs from Fast Signs. $35 each for aluminum 12 x 18 with 4 holes to screw into the brick. 

My question is can you use a PO Box in another state if your partner is located there?