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I will be teaching an upcoming seminar on how to get started in real estate investing.  What topics / questions would you like to see covered?  It will be in Chicago to start with the possibility of other locations 

@Brie Schmidt

1. Finding deals and running the numbers

2. How to get funding

3. How to estimate rehab costs

4. A few case studies

5. How to set up systems and scale up. 

@Brie Schmidt

- Cover not stepping over dollars to pick up pennies - I see this a lot in new investors! IE an investor should value their team of agents, contractors, attorneys, etc. and not try to cut costs by marginal amounts in those departments (like choosing any atty for $400 over a great atty @ $600).

- Not being too proud to utilize great buyer assistance programs out there. If its an investor's first property, they don't need to run their portfolio like Warren Buffet does, so if the down payment assistance can make the deal happen, take it!

Great.  Thanks guys

North side vs Southside investing in Chicago. Pros & Cons

Why do people invest in neighborhoods that don't cash flow positive

Should I wait to invest for a market correction?

How to handle Chicago Tenant conflicts. FAQ landlord/tenant problems

Also, how do a successful flip in Chicago. How to make sure to not get into contractor delays or permit/inspection issues.

Frequent things that go wrong in flips (in Chicago)

Estimating rehab costs

How to make sure you are property analyzing ARV comps buy to make sure you are not at a loss after its complete

Lesson one. Start with $20 million dollars makes things a lot easier.

@Brie Schmidt do you have a target date/time?  Would love to attend. 

Originally posted by @Jen V. :

@Brie Schmidt do you have a target date/time?  Would love to attend. 

 Not yet, I need to work on the curriculum first

How to use OPM to fund deals and the math behind that?  How you make your investors whole and yourself when paying out? Showing the math behind that would be valuable. 

Time that is spent on your business. 

Will this be recorded? 

@Patrick Bawer - I miss you!  

I am thinking of doing monthly topics, in various areas of Chicago.  Each month would be a new topic/focus.

Once I figure it out, I can have them recorded.  

Investing in commercial properties (5+ units) and how to get started. Particularly for folks who want to transition into this from residential!

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