Help: Basement Flood

3 Replies | Chicago, Illinois

I own a rental property on the South Side in Chicago in Cook County. With the major rainstorm we just had last week the basement for my tenant's unit (which is lived in) ended up under 3 feet of water. The water went away on its own and i have owned the property for 4 years before this without having this issue. I can normally deal with issues but this one has me perplexed.

Any suggestions? 

Does anyone have a good person to contact to try and figure out what issue is so it can be prevented? 

Sewer specialist. He'll scope the sewer lines and see if they're clear/collapsed/whatever.

Check with your neighbors. Did they have water in their basements, too?

If water came up through the drains, complain to the City of Chicago about poor/malfunctioning  sewers.

If water came in due to collapsed/clogged drain pipes. Replace and pay through the nose.

If water came in due to foundation problems, Repair and pay through the nose.

First, did any ground flooding occurr? Anotherwords were the streets around the house flooded? If so not much you can do. Second, do you have gutters and are they ponting away from the house and clear of obstruction? If you find blockage they probably contributed. Any openings around the pipes coming into the house? Sub pump stop working due to an electric outage?and sewers of course..

Are there back outside service stairs to the basement? If so make sure drain at the bottom functions properly and is free of debris. Was the surface water during the storm high enough that it drained down the steps?

Had this happen to me personally and it is a royal pain.