Handyman or Contractor? Garage Restoration

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Hello Team,

I recently closed on a 3 unit north side property and have a 2 car garage that has been unused for the past ~10 years, sitting on $250/mo of potential income.  The issue is, the garage lift door was installed onto the track to enclose the garage but the remaining overhead supports and track to roll up and open were not installed and various pieces are missing from the parts I could find.  Additionally, there is no insulation on the interior and some exterior siding that could be replaced.  I have called several recommended handymen to see if this project would be in their scope of work but have not heard back.  Hoping to see what they would be able to complete/assess before taking it a step further and engaging a contractor.

Do you have any handymen recommendations?  Should I reach out to a contractor for this type of work?  Looking to BP for any further tips and comments to make this efficient, thank you all!

So most handymen have no idea how to fix a garage door.

The other items a handyman can do.

I would get a garage door repair service man, maybe you could approach him and say .

"can you do this on the weekend and i will give you $150 cash to fix it."

On the week, him working for his company , the company may charge $380.00.

If you send pictures on the other items, I could walk you through that.

@Joseph Tuczak call a few garage door companies that are reputable and get three estimates for the garage door. It may make sense long term to get it fixed right even if it ends up costing more. For siding, you can probably use a handy man or even just bid it out. Siding is relatively cheap and siding repairs are easy. I wouldn't waste your time on insulation... unless the garage is heated there is zero point to having it.