Zoning Certificate Delays

5 Replies | Chicago, Illinois

I was set to close on my 2 flat last month but the closing has been push indefinitely because of the zoning certificate.  It's outrageous to wait a month for a zoning cert. Is anyone else having this problem?

Seeing the same on our end. We are about to close on one without zoning and just get an affidavit from the seller. But this is a single-family and it's probably not recommended to do that with a multi since that's where most of the issues come up and I think it's required by title for multi buildings. 

@Ditron Corker yes this is unfortunately common. I had a closing on a three unit get delayed recently. We had put together an incredible deal for our seller with a very strong purchase price, and the zoning came back as a two unit after three weeks of waiting. Then we had to resubmit the original zoning cert that the seller had, and we had to wait another three or four weeks for the zoning cert to come back.