Reducing Expenses through Water

4 Replies | Chicago, Illinois

Does anyone have or know of contact/company that will come out and point out water leaks and provide solutions, something like the "water scrooge". Something to trim down my water bill for a 4 unit property? 

@Mario Morales understanding water leaks is an important skill! I don't know of any companies that will do this for you, but the main place you lose water is always toilets. Any time I have a huge bill, I check the toilets as 99% of the time that is where the leak is. You can buy die tablets on and it takes around 1 minute per toilet to see if they are losing water. 

The only other thing you can do is to do a fixture by fixture test. You turn off all valves in the building starting with the main. Then you work your way through the building from bottom to top turning them back on. Other common leak points are hose bibs for the garden hose, laundry sinks or even sometimes under ground pipes if you have radiant heat in the garden level units.