46th and Ralston

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I found a property at 46th and Ralston that I am interested in buying for a rental. Does anybody have any thoughts on the area?

Probably a decent area for a rental, it is a c neighbor hood.  There is some crime but it isn't a war zone.  Sobro (south broad ripple)  is moving south and the area a couple blocks west on the other side of the monon is in the midst of gentrification.  I live on the other side of college street and drive 46th everyday.

No hesitations about that area at all.  Just make sure that you have good rent numbers.  There are a lot of rentals in that area, so you can't push your rents too high because of the competition.  

@Joshua L. & @Louise Alexander : What are your thoughts of the area between Crown Hill Cemetery and Fall Creek, south of 38th? I'm doing some google maps driving and 38th seems to be a demarcation line between good and bad areas. Is that your local perception?

(Aside: My fiancee and I are very seriously considering a trip out to Indy to get a feel for the city; we're considering a move and we'd like to find a duplex to rehab/rent/hold in a C or better area.)

@James Dishongh You are right about 38th st being the demarcation line. As far as the area between Crown Hill Cemetery and Fall Creek, it really depends on what your east and west boundaries are. Basically anything between Capitol and the White River is a war zone. This area houses the largest concentration of boarded/abandoned homes. I wouldn't recommend this area unless you are local and don't mind losing an appliance or two. (speaking from experience)

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