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Hey guys, I am an out of state investor looking for property management recommendations in Indianapolis  If you have had any awesome property management experiences i'd love to hear more about it, and would also love to hear about the bad experiences. Please feel free to respond here or through private message.

I work in Indy. I am a licensed managing broker, own a property management company, and primarily only work with investors(foreign and domestic). I not only manage properties, but I am also an investor myself. I have been flipping homes since 1991 and have owned rentals since 2007. 

We can help you with purchase, any level of rehab, property management and sales. It's your money, so I don't mind if you just want to use us for 1 piece of the puzzle, or just a second set of eyes to look at a situation and answer a quick question. Happy to help!

We also have some secondary services that are very popular with our investors and you can find them on our website.

@Karla Talancon This might be way to old now but... I've heard really good things about @Lee Smith and liked him a lot when I talked to him on the phone. I am currently working with @Keith Farbee who owns CityPlace PM who has been amazing in the last few months. He did an eviction for me and made it painless plus he went above and beyond in on other things as well. 

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