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Hey guys,

I will be in Indianapolis from June 29-30 any Real Estate Events, Investor Meet ups, Mixers I should be aware of???

Tips regarding neighborhoods (aiming for A and B neighborhoods)

People or scams to be aware of (DM me)

Also food recommendations welcome!!!

@Karla Talancon I'll be out of town during your visit & would liked to have been able to meet.

The local REI meetings are always early in the month - so, I don' think you'll find any going on during your time here.

You might want to consider "Class C" properties as an option.  Most out of State buyers think these are warzones but, in fact, can be quit solid and profitable.  Homes built after 1945 that rent for $700-up and located in townships near the I-465 Loop are some of the best - IMHO.

Class A/B is being bought up by our local owner occupants and Wall St Hedgefunds as fast as they hit the market.  In addition, the Class A property won't cash flow more than likely.

Just some thoughts on our market...

@Karla Talancon

I don't know of anything happening while you're in town.  I like to use the trulia heat maps as a general guide.  If you look at red/pink as A, yellow as B, light green as C and dark green as D.  There are some blocks that are dark green that I'll buy in though.  If you're in town you can drive by stuff that seems to be borderline.  From CA I might find somebody who you trust to give you advice.  Indy is really block by block...

They just added another green!  You'll get the idea though....  

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