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Hello everyone, I'm a real estate agent located in serving the needs of luxury and move up residential buyers and sellers in the Greater Indianapolis area. With a history of home rehab and resale to consumers on the North Side of Indianapolis as well as a background in value add property management, I'm looking to leverage my experience as to create a network of professionals to buy properties for rehab and resale in multiple areas of Indianapolis. 

What I'm looking for primarily to build relationships with:

  • Wholesalers
  • Commercial Insurance / Investment Property Agents
  • Contractors among others. 

Goals are to discuss my clients and well as my goals over the next three months and beyond.

Working with the local professionals would be a plus as I look to make our city better with fellow residents. Looking to hearing from you and setting up some meetings for the next couple of weeks.

Jimmy Shatara

Updated almost 2 years ago


Hey Jimmy, 

I am a newer investor in the Indianapolis area just graduated from IU with my MBA. I am interested in properties to rehab and sell in northern Indianapolis as well as up and coming neighborhoods in and around downtown. Would love to connect with anyone that I might be able to help or vice a versa. 

Hey Jimmy,

I would love to connect with you as I am looking for connections in the Indianapolis are. I am originally from Indianapolis and just recently moved to the California area where I have built some good relationships in the real estate business with people whom are interested in investing in the Indianapolis area.

Welcome and Hope to speak with you soon,
Terone Johnson

Hi Jimmy, I'm an Insurance Broker out in California but I have license throughout the US.  Let me know if I can be help to you.  Look forward to talking to you.  

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