Bird dogs in Indianapolis

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I was wondering, how you work with bird dogs? 

They are actually wholesalers, or they only locate the property and take a certain fee?

I would love to hear several opinions about that matter.

Thanks in advance

Usually they are people who don't invest in real estate themselves but are in a position to know something about an area or houses for sale in an area (such as a school bus driver).  You can either pay them per good lead or per house you actually close on.

There are different ways to set it up. One would be thru a Wholesaler approach or to set it up with a flat fee.  Those fees would be negotiable.  If you are interested in the Indianapolis area we can help depending on the types of properties you are interested in and acceptable CAP Rates. We have been RE Investors for about 8 years and own a RE Brokerage, Property Management Company as well as Construction Company.

@Daniel Feldman

Bird dog/investor/wholesaler here. 

Typically working with one re-habber/flipper in one area for one property type. They tell us something like this, "boy if I had 10 more houses just like the one I just sold I could make a fortune!" 

Then we go out and get them and pass them off for a flat $10k per deal. 

My buyer fixes them up and makes anywhere from $30k-$100k in the end. 

He LOVES us and we keep repeating the process.

Hope that helps!

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