Visiting Indy Aug 18 - 20: Open to meeting up

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Hello BP Indy, 

My name's Drew, and I’ll be making my first trip to Indy Aug 18-20 to learn about the city and hopefully purchase my first REI. Open to meeting with like minded professionals as I want to get the most of my experience. Excited to be taking action - Been learning a ton from these forums so big thanks to everyone here.

I’ve been working with Erin Donlan, who’s been helpful in educating me about Indy, and had a great lunch here in CA with Tyler Jahnke on his detailed turnkey experience.

If you’d be interesting in meeting and discussing Indy real estate, don't be a stranger.

  • Other REIs, Property Managers, Handymen / contractors, sellers or brokers. Whoever you are, I'm open to potentially meeting up. 

I've begun making offers with the current goal of purchasing two cash flowing SFHs by the end of the year. Aside from REI, I'm an avid hiker, enjoy traveling (lived in Australia for two years), and am a sucker for good BBQ.

Hope to be in touch soon. Thanks everyone!


Hey @Drew Sing , welcome (soon) to Indy! Let me know what your plans are and I'll try to meet up if I can. I grew up in Indy and know the city very well so I can help with neighborhoods, etc. I'm also a broker, landlord, developer, and wholesaler.