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I want to tour Indianapolis' real estate options...

I'm an out of state agent/investor looking to expand my portfolio into the market.

Looking for some suggestions of who the players are in the market to connect with:

  • *agents
  • *wholesalers
  • *property management
  • *investors

PM me for property management company and cash flow bus tour I'd recommend..

I just recently moved to Indianapolis.  What I can tell you so far is that Lease317 has a good reputation for property management, although I hear they are picky with the types of properties they will manage.  For wholesalers I have heard that Simple Wholesaleing with @Brett Snodgrass does a great job and they sound pretty ethical and I would also recommend @Andy Rumple  who I met personally and seemed like a great guy.  

If you need anything done on the ground I am happy to help out.  Currently have free time three days a week.  

You also need to talk to @Lee Smith ,Clay Manship  both straight shooters 

@Eric Weireter  

I just wanted to introduce myself and reach out to you. I have been in REI here in Indy for 10 years now. We currently use our own method of wholesaling and do about 30 deals a month. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or would be interested in checking out our properties. Have a blessed day.

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