Investor friendly agent and lender in Bloomington, Indiana?

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Hi everyone, I'm pretty new BP and really happy to be part of the community!  Have found so much good advice on here.  I'm looking at some deals in the Bloomington, IN area and wanted to see if anyone has any good referrals for investment minded real estate agents and lenders I might reach out to work with on the project.  I'm an Indiana native and returning to the Bloomington market after awhile so any help with referrals would be greatly appreciated! 


Hi Michael

That’s my neck of the woods!

I use German American bank they specialize in multifam if that’s what you’re going for. As far as private lenders and brokers I can’t be much help. But if you need feet on the street, I’m hsppy to assist! 

Thanks Marc!  Much appreciated.  I live out of state at the moment, but come to visit my family in B-town quite a bit.  Will definitely try to coordinate with one of the meetups next time im in town.  Thanks!
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@Michael K.,

Welcome, we have a small meet up in Bloomington on the third Monday of every month @7pm in the back room of the Crazy Horse restaurant. You should join and network. 


I just got my RE license with the intent to help grow my own investment portfolio, and help other investors looking for properties. I'm working at Weichert Realtors - The Owens Group, here in Bloomington. Feel free to get ahold of me to look at properties/discuss the Bloomington market.