Agent and Lender recommendations for foreign invsetor

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Hi there,

Many of you probably know me from before but here's a short introduction.

I'm an investor from Norway who is currently in a group that owns four rentals in Indy. I'll be visiting Indy in a week and will be looking to buy more properties. Feel free to connect even if you're not an agent or a lender, it's always nice to discuss with a fellow investor.

I'm looking for an agent who can find seller financed deals in the Indy Area.

Also looking for a lender who is willing to do long term financing with a foreign investor.

If you are one of the above or know someone, please get back to me.

Looking forward to visit the great city of Indianapolis  :)

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Thats great that you're visiting Indianapolis, it really is a great city.  Feel free to reach out before, I'd be happy to meet up with you during your time in Indy and learn more about what you're specific needs are.

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