Indianapolis Home Inspector Recomendations

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I am looking for a home inspector recommendation for a home I am trying to buy in Indianapolis. Does anyone have someone they have worked with and had good experience with?  Thanks so much for your help!


I did a lot of searching & the guys I like best were Ed from On The Level home inspections & Todd from Rock Solid. Don't have their numbers on me, but you can google them. I hired Ed today for 2 duplexes.

I have a home inspector who is also an investor. While he does the normal, licensed home inspections, he also offers an investors Due Diligence inspection at a cheaper rate. Basically, instead of testing every outlet and door handle, he is inspecting the larger and more concerning items, i.e. electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roof, drainage, attic space, foundation, crawl space/basement, etc.

PM me if you want his info. I've had a couple of clients use him and they were pleased.

Thanks everyone for the great info. I ended up going with Todd from rock solid, I got that recommendation first and it's a bit time critical. I will put a review up after it's done. Thanks again for all the info. Also, if anyone has any turn key in Indy I would love to see what they have for sale. 

Following because I'm planning to invest in Indianapolis very soon. Thanks for asking the question, @Paul Singer. Thanks for these responses too, everyone. I'll hopefully need to use some these names. 

@Louise Alexander, @Bijoy Shah, @Kevin Wyn, @Ross Denman, I'll be visiting Indianapolis on a weekend soon and would love a chance to network with some locals there. 

@Jeff Kelly let me know when you are in town. Every other weekend can be tough for me, but I try to be flexible. I actually met an investor late of Father's Day last year that hit me up while he was in town with no advance notice.

We used Todd with Rock Solid and I think he did a great job. Seemed very thorough and  had a very easy to understand color system in the report to let you know how bad the situation was. I would use him again and would recommend him to others. He also had a little less detailed inspection for investors if you did not want a full inspections. I went with the full. 

Love Indy Pro Inspections, owned by Dave Maudlin. I've used them as a Broker and buyer for years. They're practical, and tell you what's really a "deal breaker" and what's not. Fine people!

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