Opinions on Eastside neighborhood in Indianapolis?

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I'm looking at a home in the Eastside neighborhood, near E 21st st and between N Ritter ave & N Arlington Ave.. I understand that Eastside has some pockets of high crime rate, does anyone know if the location of this home is in one of those pockets? Any info or insights would be much appreciated. For reference, it's a 3 bedroom in decent-to-good condition asking just below $50k.

@William Godbe , I've owned a rental exactly there - between ritter and arlington, just south of 21st - for about 11 years now. That neighborhood on my street has gotten better over the past few years, but much of that is only due to the current mix of tenants/owners on the street. I'd say in general it's a solid C area. If you are looking at a 3/1 in decent condition you could probably do better than 50k but I understand the price if its from a turnkey company. You should expect about $700-$750 in rent depending on condition and square footage. Let me know if I can help with anything.

Thanks @Neil Goradia - it's a 3/1.5 at around 1500 square feet, and not a turnkey. Is $50k really that high for such a property? The other two 3 bedroom houses in that area on MLS are around $60k. The rental comp I was given by my realtor was $800.

@William Godbe , all that seems a bit on the high side to me, but you could be just fine. The 2 houses in the 60k range - are those listed as active or did they actually sell? As you know, it is not uncommon for homes to be listed for more than they actually sell for. At the end of the day if the numbers work for you then that is all that matters.