Property Manager in Irvington/Englewood

6 Replies | Indianapolis, Indiana

Do any of you seasoned Indy investors have a recommendation for a property manager in the Irvington/Englewood neighborhoods? I'm also looking for a commercial broker too if you know anyone.


Hey Caleb I just started working with Elisha Drake @ Northpeak Property group in Indianapolis. She is the Principal broker and runs the Property Management side of the business also.

They are incredibly investor friendly and so far have been very great to work with. Brandon Greenberg has been hired to specialize in helping long distance investors locate properties and acquire them and I have nothing but positive things to say about my dealing with them so far.

I would be interested in hearing about / checking out the properties.  We definitely manage in Irvington  but Englewood would be a case by case basis.  Other groups to look into are Dorfman Property management, IPM Real estate, Barron Property services and Equity Management solutions.  

Thanks for all the replies you guys! This is a huge help. If anyone is looking to JV on a mid-sized (10-20 unit) property let me know. I can provide financing.