Christian Park area for rental ownership

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I researched Christian Park when I was deciding which neighborhood to purchase rental properties in several years ago.  I liked the Christian Park Neighborhood.  I tend to like being in the blue collar areas for cash flow reasons.  I also like the proximity of that area to the Irvington area as well as the Emerson Heights neighborhood, which I feel are trending upwards.  

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Hi Angela - did you get any feedback about Christian Park?  Love to hear if you invested there and what it's been like.  


In fact, my husband and I purchased a 2 bedroom SFH in Christian park. We spent about 5k scrubbing it up and now we have a leased signed for $775 a month. It's our first property. It's not a home run, but it's a solid base hit. Our tenant is moving in the first of March.

It's a quiet neighborhood. There is an active neighborhood group. This neighborhood was chosen by the Mayors action committee for the Keep Indianapolis Beautiful campaign. There will be a few hundred people converge on the park and the neighborhood in April to clean it up. They are supposed to be painting a mural along the Pleasant Run Trail in this area too. Howe High School is a nearby magnet school, there is an elementary school there and the community association meets at the community center at the park.

I am happy with this purchase.

This is a great little area ,it’s got a lot going for it as mentioned above plus they have started work on the $500 million judicial Centre ,a little east of here towards twin aire and if you’re feeling brave and have good risk tolerance and cash you could look at streets north and south of English near Twin Aire .

Good potential there ,it will take time though 

In my experience Christian Park is a nice area. Like other neighborhoods in Indianapolis you better drive it before you buy it! If you drive a few streets west it's solid D class (Engle Wood, Twin Aire). No offense to anyone is investing in that area. It's close to Irvington but there's some active rail road tracks nearby and it kills the value. Just my $.02

No offense taken.  I was concerned about the railroad tracks at first too.  But having spent some time there, the tracks serve as a boundary to the north and to the south.  It makes it feel like a little pocket community.  The sounds from the trains are not disruptive, at least where our property is located.  For us, the price was right, the blue collar demographic is what we were targeting, and I feel comfortable being out in the yard any time of day or night. 

Hi @Angela Smith Was wondering how your rental in Christian Park is doing? I'm very interested in a property close to English Ave and Sherman St. Would love your input.

@Jaron Walling Do you see Twin Aire improving with the opening of the Justice Center? As I learn more details about the Indy market, it seems like there is so much going on in the city with different initiatives and development that it can make these areas of opportunity.