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Hello, does anyone in Indianapolis, IN successfully use any purchase agreement/assignment agreement for wholesaling from the contracts listed on BP? If so can you point me to which ones work best for you?

Hi Andy Rumple and Savannah King. Im in the same area as you and im just getting started my self. Im looking for wholesalers with lots of properties to present to my pool of prospective buyers who are looking for flips and rentals. I have a small network of cash or approved financing in hand who are mainly looking for sfh's or mfh's. I also have a close friend who is flipping, buy and holding and assigning properties. He has been helping through my journey in real estate investing and gives me access to his seller network. I would love to connect with you Savannah to see if we can help each other out. Also Andy, i would be very grateful if you were to send me those same documents and hopefully i can be of some benefit to you as well. Thanks in advance to the both of you and happy wealth building!

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