Unlicensed Assistant MLS Access

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@Evan C. Davies No, agents aren’t allowed to “partner with investors for their mls access”. The provision for an agent to have an assistant with mls access is just that....an Assistant that specifically helps them with their admin, comps., etc that is Assisting the agent in their role as an agent......Not granting that access to clients.  Now, are there agents who will do this, I’m sure....but they are putting their access and license at risk.

It does happen. But it's no joke for those that get caught. I've turned in one broker and one salesperson into MLS organizations I belong to for this very thing. The broker lost his membership and no membership = no brokerage. The agent was fired from his agency the next day.

Originally posted by @Evan C. Davies :

@Wayne Brooks thanks. Good to know. From what I’ve heard its pretty common place, but I may be incorrect.

It shouldnt be common as it is illegal. Unlicensed assistant access is for an employee or a 1099 of that agent. Providing access to the MLS to someone other than that is not only a violation of MLS rules but is also a felony. The MLS provides information on how to access peoples homes. That is one of the paramount reasons we have licensing laws.

Any agent engaging in such activities should be reported to the proper authorities.

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