Investor friendly electrician needed - meter tagging

4 Replies | Indianapolis, Indiana

I've been doing most of my own handyman work, and have sub'd work out to a general handyman / retired plumber who's work I'm very satisfied with.  But now I'm facing an electrical dillema I can't handy-man my way out of.  

One of my newly acquired duplexes has been 'off the grid' for a couple of years.  I've been able to do minor interior work, but having to lug the generator around is a huge hassle.  

Needing an electrician who can:

1) Inspect the existing electrical panels, 
2) Recommend repairs & perform them if needed, 
3) Tag the meter(s) so IPL will re-connect the house to the grid. 


Follow-up:  I found two (2x) Indianapolis based electrician who do meter tag referrals via CraigsList, and one via PM.  I'm getting estimates from each, and will follow-up on the results here...