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I would love some advice on the best way to connect with real estate investors in the Indianapolis area market. This quest is two-fold: 1. to seek out investors that I can assist with their transactions and 2. to seek out investors that I can learn from as I would like to start investing myself. 

Thanks so much in advance!

Head to local real estate clubs and the best way that you can work with investors is if you can provide value usually by sifting through properties to find the ones that they would actually invest in.

@Christie Clem , Hello! Like you, I too am actively looking to connect with people to increase the volume of investing here in the Indianapolis Metro Area. I'm currently seeking, analyzing, and providing deals for a network of investors interested in providing capital or being equity partners. Let's connect. :)

Welcome to BP Christine, I'm an investor from NYC that invest in Indy, I met a lot of great people by going to different meet ups. Good luck!!!

CIREIA meets first Thursday of every month at Broadmoor Country Club. They have several sub groups that meet during the month. 

INREIA meets second Tuesday of every month at the same location. A few of us go to the bar inside the club for a drink or dinner after the meeting.  If you introduce yourself to me I can introduce you to someone who has same interest as you. 

@Dennis Weber Thank you so much for the information. I'll put them on my calendar and figure out the next one I can make it to. I look forward to meeting you in the near future.


Hello!  I’m also looking to network with other Hoosier investors.  I invest primarily in the south central region of Indiana.

@Christie Clem I'm an Indy local and I invest in and around Indy. Feel free to reach out and connect. I also recommend attending CIREIA and INREIA and other subgroup events on or the meetup app. That's a good place to meet locals investors and other service providers.

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