Charging Maintenance Deductibles?

2 Replies

Does anyone have experience adding maintenance deductibles to their leases in Indy? I see a lot of people say that's a foolish idea because tenants will stop reporting maintenance issues. But does anyone actually have first hand experience with a tenant not reporting an issues because of a deductible? 

Well as renter for the last 10 or so years, in variance different cities, I've never had a maintenance deductible. It could be a valuable idea for the most expensive rental in a prime location.  

In one of the last podcasts they talk about making the renter cover the first $100 in maintenance charges, that way they only bother the landlord for larger repairs.  But again, it could just lead to neglect and have the renter just "deal with it" rather then take money out of their pocket to get it repaired.  

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